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TACEC is a distance learning education school founded in the United States and bearing the full name of The American Course Educational Center. Under its patronage are presented a number of educational courses which aim not only to increase the knowledge of the participants on the given subject, but also to meet the requirements of a large number of institutions and organizations within the country. However, the courses offered by TACEC are purely for informational purposes and should not be considered neither medical, nor legal advice.

Furthermore, such programs are traditionally required by courts and judges, by employers and supervisors, by state representatives and social agencies, by prosecutors and lawyers. Among the classes provided by TACEC stand out courses on anger management and stress control; parenting skills improvement programs; shoplifting and theft awareness courses; classes on human trafficking prevention; HIV and AIDS awareness courses; domestic violence prevention programs and others. Check out the full list of classes offered by TACEC.

Who are we?

The team of TACEC consists of young, energetic, educated and highly qualified personnel, possessing solid knowledge in the relevant field. Our instructors have a number of qualifications and certifications and at the same time are members of authoritative organizations within the United States. The content of each of the courses provided by The American Course Educational Center has been developed by certified specialists in the particular field and aims to familiarize the participants with the given subject, guide and monitor them through the training process and at the same time cover the requirements of the entity or the employer who mandated the course.
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See What Our Clients Say About Us

This company's customer service should serve as a model for everyone to borrow from. The employees were extremely kind, they responded to me within the working day, and I was strongly impressed that they were competent and knowledgeable. It's nice to work with such a staff, it makes you feel in safe hands. I highly recommend TACEC to anyone who wants to improve their skills and work on themselves!

~ K. P.
I have been working with the company for two years, initially on the anger management courses they offer, gradually we started partnering on their domestic violence prevention training, parenting skills, and more recently on their conflict resolution program, which I highly recommend. The content is meaningful and most importantly accessible - understandable to everyone, regardless of qualifications and skills. I cannot miss to point out the prices that the company maintains, which are undoubtedly among the most competitive on the market! Congratulations on an excellent job!

~ R. K.
My first contact with TACEC was 3 months ago, when I enrolled in an HIV/AIDS prevention course. Then I suddenly discovered that there were many more classes offered under the auspices of the educational center and after reviewing the options, I gladly enrolled in the parenting skills course. I am raising my 3 year old daughter alone and I was sure I had a lot to learn, and I was right! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a better employee and a better parent!

~ M. A.
TACEC was recommended to me by colleagues in the office, three of whom had already completed some of the classes the company offers, so I decided to try their services. Unfortunately, only my course was appointed by a judge and I was worried if my certificate would be accepted for I wasn't sure how credible the company was. I definitely don't regret trusting them, in the end I was impressed - I was able to complete my training in no time, I didn't have to attend meeting sessions with other participants and group consultations, and my certificate was accepted without a problem. Great company and excellent service!

~ T. L.

Our Mission

For our clients, TACEC is a school. For us, it is a mission.


Our practice in the field of personal growth and development has made us childishly believe that at the end of the day, good wins. That goodness can overcome anger, violence, human frailty and even disease. That it can remove the burden of modern people and make their existence more fulfilling, healthy and happy. We, at TACEC, pave the way to goodness through knowledge and education.


The direction in which we strive to go is illuminated by the understanding, patience, readiness and desire for change and personal growth of the individual. And because we believe that change happens from the inside out, we have focused years of effort and all our energy on developing high-quality courses that provoke in the reader questions such as "Am I really doing this?", "Am I hurting my loved ones?", "Am I familiar enough?", "Is this position really suitable for me?". The answer to these questions most often becomes the catalyst for the desired transformation and as we always tend to say - the measure of intelligence is the ability to change.


Educational Courses Provided by TACEC

Our activity started a few years ago, when in our consciousness took root the idea that the mastery and proper management of anger is of key importance and a basic life skill in the existence of the modern individual. The lack of anger management skills is often underestimated and downplayed, and is usually only identified as a problem when its outward manifestations begin to negatively impact the bearers, their family members and colleagues. And to meet the need for awareness and education on the current issue, we created our first project for anger management.


Two years later, accidentally or not, we came across an article on domestic violence stating one in four women and one in seven men had been victimized by an intimate partner at some point in their lives. Influenced and deeply moved by the statistics, we developed a course aimed at educating its participants on topics concerning violence as a phenomenon, its global and national dimensions, and a range of prevention methods.

Educational Center are:


From that moment on, we gradually dedicated our time and invested all our energy and knowledge in developing and compiling various educational programs aimed at helping the American citizens in their positioning in society, in the workplace, in the family, instilling in them skills and knowledge on topics and problems that are eating away at our world. Among the programs offered under the auspices of The American Course


Certifications and Memberships

We can proudly state that the TACEC team consists of highly educated and ambitious certified instructors distinguished by their high moral qualities who hold a number of qualifications and recognitions. All our specialists hold Bachelor degrees in different fields and on top of that are credentialed as:


Furthermore, the TACEC instructors are proud members of a number of authoritative organizations in the United States, among which stand out the National Anger Management Association (NAMA), the National Career Certification Board (NCCB), the National Parent Instructor Association (NATPiA) as well as the National Association of Shoplifting and Theft Addiction Specialists (NASTAS).


Finally, It is the desire for transformation and the belief in goodness that makes us continue to improve and move forward, specializing in a number of other areas and turning TACEC into a haven for those who persistently want to discover themselves. And since change is the end result of all true learning, we intend to continue walking this path side by side with those who put their trust in us in order to grow together and to become better citizens, better employees and leaders, better sons and daughters, better friends and parents and most of all - better people!


The Team of TACEC

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